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3 Ways to Get Traffic While You’re Waiting in Google’s Sandbox

The Google sandbox sucks. When you’ve put a lot of hard work or hard-earned money into your site, only to see it blip up on Google for an instant and then completely disappear, it can be enough to make you want to give up.

Even when you know your site is just in the sandbox, it can be easy to forget about it. Don’t! Giving your site some love is essential to coming back up on the radar sometimes in a very good spot!

But all the work you’re doing doesn’t have to be just for the future. There are plenty of ways to get traffic that doesn’t involve any search engine whatsoever! Here are 3 of them.

Take advantage of Squidoo. Forget for a minute that Squidoo allows “do-follow” links on its pages. Forget that it indexes quickly in Google. Forget that it also ranks well, and is a good way to get backlinks to your site. You have probably thought of all of that anyway.

What you might have overlooked, unless you are a hardcore user of the site, is that many people use Squidoo as a search engine unto itself! When Squidoo-o-philes want to look something up on the web, they will often go straight to Squidoo to find what they want.

Squidoo is driven by user content and therefore, considered more trustworthy than search engines by many. After all, it’s still possible to get good Google rankings with a crappy site that has good SEO (but not nearly as possible as it used to be).

People who love Squidoo, really love Squidoo. They trust it, and do a lot of their web searching on the site. Take advantage of this by making informative Squidoo lenses, and you will whet people’s appetite for what they can find on your pages.

Network at places like Technorati. This is like commenting on other people’s blogs, taken to a higher level. If you blog as part of your marketing strategy and you should go claim your blog on Technorati. Fill out a user profile and put a picture up. Most any picture will work it will get you seen when you comment or appear on the “viewed by” section of somebody’s claimed blog.

Make friends with blog owners in your niche and in related niches. This doesn’t take a whole lot of time and is easy if you spend just a little time doing it each day. You might not see an immediate traffic spike (though it does happen), but your efforts will pay off as long as they are consistent efforts.

Use other Web 2.0 sites. Social bookmarking sites are still good ways to get traffic to your site, and you don’t even have to get on the first page of Digg to reap the benefits. Social networking sites like Facebook are also good ways to get traffic, especially if you have a penchant for networking.