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Advantages of Using the Out-sourced DAS ASP DAM Service

Application Service Provider (ASP)

This is an out-sourced solution, which offers the advantages of an in-house system, without the risks of software and equipment obsolescence. Managed by the DAS team of experts, a proven solution can be customised and installed quickly.

DAS will host, administer, and facilitate online management of digital assets, providing a fast, single point of contact for problem resolution.

DAS has the latest in software, large data servers, fast disk arrays, and have created robust backup, efficiently and effectively providing an automatic escalation solution.

The ASP model eliminates the need for a company to buy the complex software/hardware system and recruit the knowledgeable technical support necessary to host a large repository in-house.

The time to get up and running will be weeks, rather than the many months it may take to buy the hardware, customise and implement an in-house system.

Platform, file format, and database independent, a DAS supplied outsourced ASP service will provide one of the most robust and full-featured Digital Asset Management solutions, tailored to a company’s requirement.