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Conversion Optimisation

If your website is failing to convert, there might be an ingrained problem within in. On the surface, the issue is hard to identify because your site looks exactly as it should. Trust the experts to find out exactly what is wrong with your web pages and to come up with the right solutions. At DigitalAssetOptimisation.com.au, we specialise in conversion optimisation. We can develop, improve, and promote your site to achieve maximum results.

The basis of our strategy lies in attracting the right customers. The amount of traffic you receive is basically worthless if it is not properly targeted. Our Conversion Optimisation service ensures that you can the relevant customers who are genuinely interested in what you offer. To help you understand our process, below is a run-through about Conversion Optimisation.

Defining Conversion

On the internet, the rate of conversion is the percentage of visitors who completes an action that fulfills the purpose of a website. For example, if a webpage contains a newsletter registration section, the website is said to have a good conversion rate when a high proportion of visitors sign up. Other activities include sales, referrals, page views on a selected page, and downloads.

The conversion process typically has a certain number of steps. The visitor can either continue or abandon the page anytime during the process. Your success in conversion is heavily reliant on how the website satisfies the needs, wants, and motivations of the consumer.

Analyzing the Data

To achieve maximum optimisation, it is important to go beyond the obvious metrics. An analysis of the following is required:

  • Keywords Selected by Visitors
  • Pages Viewed
  • Pages That Were Entered and Existed From
  • Where Visitors Came From
  • New vs. Return Visitors

Depending on what your website is designed to achieve, the measurement can encompass a variety of other factors. Consult with an expert at digitalassetstrategiessummit.com to determine the exact needs of your website.