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Does Giving Away Free Software Help You Increase Your Web Traffic

There are many ways to increase web traffic, both free and paid strategies and some are more effective than others according to how much work you put into it. Some marketers spend thousands of dollars on SEO and PPC tactics, video and joint venture attempts and still have mediocre results. This doesn’t include the Increase Web Trafficmoney wasted on DVD’s, E-Books and Training Programs all claiming to teach you how to do this effectively. The answer is simple. Using free software to increase web traffic is a highly effective, yet fairly inexpensive way to generate tons of traffic your website.

If you have spent any amount of time seeking ways to get people to your website, you have undoubtedly come across article marketing, which requires submitting a number of articles to hundreds of websites. There is video marketing, pay per click campaigns and Tweeting on Twitter as well. Many of these strategies take either a significant amount of time and/or money. If you do it yourself, you have to spend time and if you outsource the tasks you have to spend money.

Why Should I Consider Free Software

Software creation and distribution could be the answer to your traffic problem. Don’t worry if you have no experience, there are several programs that show you how to create your own software, or you can hire someone to create it for a decent rate, or join one of the software membership sites.

Now you are probably wondering, what is so great about software? Well, it is not the creation of the software, it is the distribution. By distributing your software for free to the shareware websites, you have a chance to link to your website. Visitors will be redirected to your website for the download, you offer them a free newsletter in exchange for your free product and then give them the product as well as an introduction to all of your other offers.

Let’s face it; everyone appreciates something for nothing, although the opportunities are few and far between. Not only will you increase your web traffic, you are also building a valuable mailing list to market your products in the future.

While other marketers are submitting articles and conversing with potential venture partners, you are working on your next product while your one free piece of software is making money for you. It is a simple one shot deal and a golden opportunity.

There are a few important things to remember. You must provide something of value to your potential customers. In other words, it has to be software that in fact does something or people will just uninstall your product and opt out of your list. Your free software should have some relevance to your niche. People don’t just download anything anymore due to viruses and spy ware, so it has to be worthwhile and something they can use.

Finally, to give an answer to my question posed at the beginning of this article: Yes, free software distribution will surely help you to increase web traffic and on the other hand, will improve your income as well. However, this does only work, if you deliver what you promise and provide compelling content when people reach your website.