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Does Google’s Universal Search Help Your Organic SEO

Google’s universal search, also known as blended search, is a way of incorporating specialty search results into the main web search listings. Google has several specialty search engines for such things like blogs, images, video, news items and a few other things. Making sure to have at least a couple of items available for specialty search is important for your organic seo. It can give you ways to increase your traffic as well as your search engine rankings.

This increases your oorganic seo seo organic traffic make money onlinerganic traffic in two different ways: it makes you more available to people who use the specialty engines, and it gives you more chances to blend into the main search results as well. Highly relevant “specialty items” have a chance to be included in the regular results and often stand out more. Here are a few key ways to get listed in the specialty results.

Make a video or two. This would not just help you stand out in the search engines, it will also give you a chance to be seen on some of the most visited sites on the net like YouTube. This can significantly increase your site’s traffic.

Your video does not have to be anything movie quality. All you will need is a digital camera or even just a webcam. Up to five minutes of video is great, and it should not be less than 2 3 minutes. And do not forget to tag your videos appropriately these are the terms that your video will show up for. YouTube and Google Video are the two most frequented video search sites on the web. For your organic seo purpose you will definitely want to upload your videos to these sites.

Make sure your blog has an RSS feed. RSS feeds are what Google references for its blog search. This is also what blog specific sites like Technorati use for their results.

One great thing about blog posts is that they are already likely to show up in the regular web search, especially if you use Blogger or WordPress. Having a blog and submitting it to Google Blog and Technorati will not only give you an extra chance to get featured in the regular results, but it will also get you listed in some of the most often searched specialty engines.

Like with videos, it is also important to have the appropriate tags listed for each blog post as well. If you are using WordPress, consider the all-in-one-SEO-plugin, which makes this really easy.

Ensure that you have images on your site and name them properly. Image search is one of the most used specialty searches on Yahoo and Google. With Google’s blended results, images can also pop up, even if you do not use that specialty engine. What perhaps is better is that in case the images pop up in the blended search, they will all show up at the top of the page.

To make your images searchable, however, they need to have keyword rich file names and alternate text. Even if you are not that familiar with designing web pages, try using NVU or Kompozer, which make this task quite easy for most likely anyone. Once you have done that, put your pictures up on Flickr or another image sharing site, although Flickr would be the best choice. And do not forget to link back to your site as well. All these steps will clearly help your organic seo and increase traffic to your site.