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Fixing Disk Utility errors and the need for Mac Data Recovery

Today, Mac OS X wins over other operating systems in terms of reliability, security, and ease-of-use. Mac offers more stability as it is particularly designed to run on the Apple hardware. It is a powerful tool for the professional programmers and easy enough for the naive users. It comes with a number of user-friendly applications that act as good replacements for the Windows utilities. Despite having a multitude of advantages, Mac users often face corruption in the underlying file system. This may lead to corrupt file permissions and hence, put you in a critical situation of data loss. To overcome this problem, you need to go for Mac file recovery through a reliable third-party utility.

Let’s take a real time scenario. Suppose you use Mac OS X 10.4 or above. When you try to repair permissions on one of your disk volumes by running the Disk Utility, you may receive the following error on your screen:

“Disk Utility stopped repairing permissions on ‘(volume name)’ because the following error was encountered: No valid packages”


The above error occurred because you have moved or accidentally deleted the file ‘BaseSystem.pkg’ that was stored in ‘/Library/Receipts’.

This would not allow the Disk Utility to repair permissions on the volume or perform any troubleshooting action. As a consequence, you may encounter several issues during the system boot process. In such circumstances, it is advisable to take a full backup of the system. However, you may try resolving this issue using the guidelines discussed below.


Try any of the following methods to resolve the problem-

If you have another PC running Mac OS X 10.4, you can easily take the missing file and copy the same to ‘Library/Receipts’.
You can try reinstalling Mac OS X 10.4 on your computer. If the disc has a lower version of Mac, you should perform ‘Archive and Install’ installation. After the installation is complete, upgrade to the newer version.

Re-installation would require you to do a format of the Mac volume, which may cause some serious data loss. At this stage, you should not overwrite the Mac volume. Instead, take help of a proficient Mac data recovery tool to recover all the lost or formatted data.

These third-party software have dedicated algorithms to efficiently retrieve every piece of lost, deleted, or inaccessible information from your Mac system. They support recover of PDF Files, image files, video files, Microsoft Office for Macintosh files, Entourage mails, etc. Moreover they are compatible with all Intel and PowerPC based Mac systems.