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SEO Is Not a One Shot Event

It is surprising to see that still to this day many people think that SEO is something that is a one shot venture. That is, all you have to do is work some good in-page SEO mojo, pack them with keywords, submit them to the search engines and maybe update the meta tags every so often. That was okay about quite a few years ago, when Google first started indexing, but it is hardly the case these days.

I almost seo search engine optimization one shot seo blogging toolsmiss the days when it was that easy. Now the search engines literally take into account hundreds of factors in how they rank websites. You don’t get to just slap up a page and expect it to rank. A huge chunk of what they look for implies a long haul.

Having a website to promote your business is probably like having a pet. If you do not feed it, train it, take it for walks and tend to it, it is not going to last very long. You certainly won’t be getting any enjoyment out of having it.

First of all, if your content is out of date, Google will notice that. If your information is not the type that has to be updated regularly, it is not a problem. However, it is good to have updates sometimes to let them know that you are still kicking around.

On the other hand, if you have to update your content, like if your website is a news site, then your rankings will fall if you do not update. It is of course all about keeping relevance.

Another important part of your search engine ranking is having inbound links. Also called off site SEO or external SEO, Google really loves this stuff. Again, this is hardly something that most people can make part of their site overnight. It can sometimes take a lot of time and energy to convince other website owners that it is a good idea to link to your site.

Besides that, if you are not constantly getting new links, your website will fall in the rankings. This is just part of the nature of online marketing. Your competition is not going to sit on their laurels in getting links. If you do, you will quickly get outranked.

There is also the matter of the changes in the search engines’ algorithms. These happen about once every month. Naturally, you will want to be on top of those changes and adjust the SEO on your website accordingly. You could not do this if you just posted your site and ignored it.

The reality of SEO these days is that you have to treat your website more or less like a pet. In fact, it might be treated like your first begotten son. You have to keep up with it, feed it, refine it and mold it into the image of what you want it to be. This is the way to get your rankings.

Long gone are the days when you could just put out your site and expect that it would get ranking. Nowadays, SEO is definitely not a one shot event any more. It is a lifetime commitment, and if you ignore it, your rankings will certainly suffer for it.