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The Advantages of using DAM Systems

The result of implementing a DAS DAM system will be a newfound consistency across all media. IT managers can significantly reduce support costs and file incompatibility. Employees can work more cost-effectively, realise fewer wasted resources, and achieve a higher level of quality assurance.

Find What You Need:

DAM allows users to quickly find what they need. Files can be searched by key words, creation date, file format, or project assignment, and can be reviewed in a variety of ways from within a browser window.

Repurpose Files:

Taking control of their assets will allow businesses to re-purpose them in innovative ways, introducing new business models to suit the modern use of resources.

Save Time and Money:

DAM streamlines a company’s creative and production workflow processes. It reduces production cycles and costs, and even increases production quality and brand consistency.

Customised Look:

Partners, associates and clients can have a co-branded or customised look when they log on to a site.

Used As a Production Tool:

Multiple approval types and routing can be set up, with e-mail alerts. Users are alerted at log-in if they have items needing approval.

Advanced features will include versioning of files, file checkout, routing, and approvals. Everyone who needs to see a file can be notified by automatic e-mail alerts and notes can attached from any computer with an Internet connection. The geographic distance between partners, associates and sub-vendors is no longer an issue.