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What Does It Take To Be an MLM Leader?

A leader has to be there for his people.  When you parent a child you have to start by giving them a bottle and spoon feeding them.  Eventually they can eat on their own.  In fact you even encourage them to do so.  One day they just figure it out and can eat on their own from that day forward.  Similarly, an MLM leader needs to walk their down-line through every step of the business process, until their down-line can do it on their own.  When you were in school, you had a teacher.  That teacher had a classroom of students who all received the same information throughout the day.  Even though some of the students needed more work, they all reached a certain amount of knowledge in the end.  MLM leaders need to teach and tutor their pupils to success.  MLM will reward you for how well you teach your downline by amplifying your income based on how successful your down-line is.

A leader goes out of their way to show appreciation to someone who benefits them.  Rewarding people for doing a good job (when they don’t expect it) encourages them to continue doing more and strengthens your relationship with them.  You would be surprised at how much a random compliment to someone can improve productivity.  What would happen if your MLM company just sent you a note one day and said thanks for all the success you’ve brought them?  Whether they give you a bonus check or not, you will probably be even more productive.  Besides the benefit received by that one person, you will also be building rapport with everyone else on the team.  It can even lead to higher productivity from other people in your down-line.

No matter what is going on, a leader is in control of the situation.  This doesn’t mean a leader doesn’t ask questions.  Nor does it mean that a leader can’t say they don’t know something.  A leader is like a doctor.  The doctor may not know what is wrong with you when you walk in the door.  Yet, they ask specific questions about the symptoms and they take measurements (temperature, etc.).  A doctor then takes that information and diagnoses a solution to the problem.  An MLM leader needs to determine their team’s problems and determine solutions.  Determining those problems is best done by asking questions and checking your back office to see how your down-line is doing.  Once an MLM leader assesses the situation, he helps the team implement the procedures needed to cure those symptoms.