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What is it and why

If there’s one thing you can count in the field of search marketing, it is change. Internet search is a continually evolving industry as new search engines are developed, algorithms changed, and the type of content expand. Changes in consumer search behaviour also help push evolution. The latest manifestation of this change resulted to Digital Asset Optimisation (DAO).

What makes DAO different from SEO? It is important to recognize that the scope of SEO is limited because it strives to improve discovery through content organisation, keyword placement, and link building. Standard search engines will get this as a signal to rank the web page based on the keywords selected. But this system overlooks the other forms of media.

This is where Digital Asset Optimisation comes in. In essence, the term Digital Asset Optimisation as reference to the practice of taking stock of all digitally marketable inventories such as images, web pages, videos, audios, podcast, webinars, newsletters, and demos among others. After identifying all digital assets, the next step is to implement a process for promotion in all relevant channels.

DigitalAssetOptimisation.com.au is a holistic online marketing company that specialise in digital asset optimisation (DAO). As part of a bigger organisation, Q Interactive Pty Ltd, we have the resources, the expertise, and the staff to make your website the best it can be. Our team is always updated on the latest trends in search marketing and its related fields.

As a result, we can deliver the best service to our clients in Australia and worldwide at highly competitive prices. Expect the tangible results if you hire DigitalAssetOptimisation.com.au for your website optimisation needs.